'Vienna' is an animated love letter to what I believe to be the most beautiful city in Europe .

Although I'm originally from Vienna, I left when I was 19 and have been living in London for the last 12 years ... it always feels like I'm cheating on a really beautiful wife.



directed and animated by Kris Hofmann & Vera Kumer
produced by Geraldine Passmore

Music Supervision: Tin Drum Music
featured song 'Rugla' by Amiina
Sound Design: Alex Zlamal

Edit: Giorgio Gremigni
Grade: Filippo Maria

with hats by
Mühlbauer Hutmanufaktur
Marion's Hutatelier
Jessica Lopez @ Verhutung
Julia Cranz
Alexandre Collon

a big thank you to Gurdy Binder and Claudia Rosa Lukas

with support from Kultur Niederösterreich, WKO Wien, Wiener Modemacher und